Invest in Your Oral Health with Preventative Dental Care

Preventive dentistry is king in dental care. Imagine a world where the dentist’s chair is more of a place for friendly catch-ups than a battleground against tooth decay and gum disease! This dream can become a reality thanks to preventive dental care. Rather than wait for dental issues to occur, preventive dentistry in Everett and Redmond, Washington, prevents them in the first place, saving you unnecessary pain and treatment costs. 

Dentistry doesn’t have to focus on firefighting. Eckland Family Dental offers preventive dentistry as a proactive approach to oral health that keeps smiles bright and pain-free. 

Preserve your smile with our preventive dental care services

At-home dental care is a significant component of preventative dental care. However, you still need professional help to avoid treatments like fillings and extractions. Our preventive dentistry services include:

  • Dental exams: Our dental team is professionally trained to identify issues you may not spot at home. Plus, we use sophisticated tools to unearth oral issues even at their onset stage. Routine dental exams prevent minor problems from advancing into major issues.
  • Routine dental cleanings: Although brushing and flossing are necessary routines for your smile, you still need professional teeth cleanings every six months. Dental cleanings eliminate plaque buildup from hard-to-reach areas for an issue-free smile.
  • Dental sealants: A dental sealant is a thin, colorless plastic coating applied on your teeth to “seal out” decay-causing bacteria. 
  • Periodontal care: Dr. Kale Eckland and the team offer comprehensive periodontal maintenance services to keep your gum health in optimal condition. 

Benefits of preventive dental care

A little care today saves a world of trouble tomorrow. So, if you haven’t taken preventive dentistry seriously, you had better start today before it’s too late. Preventive dental care offers countless benefits, including:

  • Prevent oral issues: Most dental problems are preventable with optimal oral hygiene and wellness visits. Comprehensive preventive dental care prevents gum disease, bad breath, tooth decay, and other oral problems.
  • Saves costs: Preventing dental issues is far cheaper than treatment. Failure to care for your teeth can result in costly treatments like dental crowns, implants, and root canals that can cost thousands of dollars.
  • Maintains your beautiful smile: Preventive dentistry wards off issues like unsightly plaque, damaged teeth, infected gums, and other problems to preserve your smile’s aesthetics. 
  • Peace of mind: By prioritizing optimal preventive care, you can bid farewell to the constant worry of oral issues such as gum disease, cavities, and more.

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Want to maintain control of your oral health? Invest in your smile’s present and future by considering preventive dentistry from Eckland Family Dental. Feel free to contact us in any of our convenient locations in Redmond (425) 448-6339 and Everett (425) 249-3830.