Immediate Dentures Rebuild Your Oral Function and Aesthetics After Tooth Extraction

An immediate denture is a removable dental appliance placed on the same day the dentist extracts your teeth. An immediate denture in Everett or Redmond, Washington, provides immediate function and aesthetics after tooth extraction, eliminating the 3-6 month waiting period for gum healing.

Getting immediate dentures from Eckland Family Dental is ideal if you can’t avoid extracting your teeth and don’t want to spend months with an edentulous smile.

What is the process of placing an immediate denture?

Restoring your smile with immediate dentures may differ from one person to another, but it’s often completed in two stages.

Stage one

The dentist will remove the molars (back teeth) and allow you to heal for about 5-6 weeks.
Once your molars heal, your dentist will prepare your immediate dentures based on digital impressions of your existing teeth and jaw.
Your dentist will pull out the remaining teeth and place your immediate denture. Immediate dentures restore function and work like a temporary bandage, holding tissues together and protecting them as they heal.
For the first night, you’ll sleep with your dentures on. This allows the underlying tissues to heal and form the shape of the denture, facilitating better stability. You should only remove your denture for about 20 minutes if you experience uncontrolled bleeding.
As your gingival tissues heal and shrink, your immediate dentures lose their grip. We’ll place provisional liners to secure your denture as the gums heal.

Stage two

Once your gums heal, your doctor will design a more refined denture to replace your immediate denture. This denture-fabrication phase starts without your natural teeth and extractions. Your new denture will take account of all the changes in your healed anatomy to ensure an optimal fit. 
After six months, your new dentures will need relining to compensate for jaw shrinkage. Other than this, they provide an optimal fit, enhanced comfort, and better aesthetics—almost like natural teeth.
Not everyone is suitable for immediate dentures. Some patients aren’t ideal for this treatment because of their general health condition or specific oral problems like severe gum disease or bone loss. Schedule an appointment with a trained dentist to determine your eligibility for immediate dentures.

Same-day dentures near me

Immediate dentures allow you to avoid the embarrassment of missing teeth as your gums heal from extractions. If you’d like to get immediate dentures in Everett or Redmond, WA, schedule an appointment with Eckland Family Dental by calling our Redmond office at (425) 448-6339 or our Everett office at (425) 249-3830.