Relieve Pain and Preserve Your Oral Health with Gentle Dental Extractions

No one loves dental extractions, but they are sometimes essential for maintaining oral health. When your tooth is beyond saving with root canals and other treatments, we recommend dental extraction to manage pain and prevent further health complications.

Do you need a dental extraction in Everett or Redmond, Washington? We welcome you to Eckland Family Dental for gentle and effective extractions. Dr. Kale Eckland and his team not only extract your tooth but offer restorative options to ensure you don’t face the consequences of tooth loss. 

Signs that you need a dental extraction

We are committed to trying everything possible to save your natural teeth with restorative treatments. However, sometimes tooth removal is a necessary part of dental care. Our dentist will recommend dental extraction in the following cases.

  • A severely decayed or damaged tooth
  • An overcrowded tooth
  • Dysfunctional or impacted wisdom teeth
  • To create space for orthodontic treatment
  • An ankylosed baby tooth preventing healthy eruption of permanent tooth
  • Advanced gum disease

How are dental extractions performed?

Some teeth are easier to remove, but we have the skills and technology to handle even complex extractions. If your tooth is visible and accessible in the mouth, we’ll recommend a simple extraction. After anesthetizing your gums, we’ll use special techniques and tools to pull the tooth out of its socket.

Impacted wisdom teeth or teeth broken at the gum line require surgical extraction. The procedure starts by using anesthetics to minimize pain during treatment. Then, the dentist makes a small incision in the gums and underlying bone to access the trapped tooth. Often, the dentist breaks the tooth into several fragments for easier removal, causing less trauma to the surrounding structures.

The final step is to clean and suture your wound to pave the way for healing. We’ll also give you post-op instructions to maximize comfort and minimize health complications during healing.

Is tooth removal painful?

We’ll do everything possible to ensure your treatment is comfortable from start to finish. Tooth extraction typically involves minimal discomfort because we use local anesthesia to ensure you don’t feel pain during treatment. We’ll start with your procedure only when the anesthetics settle in. You’ll only feel pressure as the dentist rocks the tooth in a back-and-forth motion, but no pain.

Gentle dental extractions near me

Are you in need of a dental extraction in the Redmond or Everett area? Call Eckland Family Dental at (425) 448-6339 (Redmond) or (425) 249-3830 (Everett) to schedule an appointment. We also offer emergency dental extractions for peace of mind when you need urgent dental care.