Rebuild Your Tooth’s Function and Appearance with Natural-looking Dental Crowns

If you have a damaged or decayed tooth in Everett or Redmond, Washington, a dental crown from Eckland Family Dental is just what you need to relieve dental pain and restore your tooth. With an eye for aesthetics and excellence, Dr. Kale Eckland will ensure your dental crown feels and looks natural.

What is a dental crown, and why do I need one?

Dental crowns or caps are tooth-shaped appliances worn over the remaining tooth structure to restore its health, shape, and size. A dental crown envelopes your entire tooth all the way to the gum line, reinforcing and protecting it from future damage.

Dental crowns do a lot of “heavy lifting” in dentistry. Your dentist can recommend a dental crown in the following instances.

To restore an implant
To secure a dental bridge
To protect a tooth after root canal therapy
To reinforce a structurally weakened tooth after decay, damage, or failed dental work
To cosmetically improve a misshapen, discolored, or damaged tooth

Dental crowns can be created from several materials, including gold and composites, but we prefer porcelain because of its lifelike properties. Porcelain crowns feel and function like natural teeth and are beautifully designed, making them virtually indistinguishable from other teeth.

What to expect from the dental crown treatment

We place your dental crown in 2-3 appointments spaced within weeks. Your first appointment is a conversation to understand your concerns and the results you wish for your smile. We’ll also inspect your tooth to ensure that only a dental crown is required.

If so, we’ll numb your tooth and remove the decayed or damaged portion. Next, we’ll shape your tooth into a sturdy platform upon which your dental crown will be placed. Next, the dentist will take digital impressions of your prepared tooth, which our dental lab will use to custom-make your crown. Until your crown is ready for fitment, we’ll temporarily restore your prepped tooth to protect it from injury, thermal stimulations, and infections.

When we receive your permanent crown, you’ll come to our office for placement. We’ll remove the temporary crown, clean your tooth, and check the fit and alignment of your new crown. If everything looks good, we’ll use strong dental adhesives to bond it to your tooth. Before you go home, we’ll give your aftercare instructions to ensure your crown investment last many tears.

Ready for a brand-new smile with a dental crown?

If you have a damaged or otherwise compromised tooth, it’s time to talk to Eckland Family Dental to learn whether you are an ideal candidate for a dental crown. Feel free to contact us at any of our convenient locations in Redmond (425) 448-6339 and Everett (425) 249-3830.