Dental Procedures to Repair Broken Teeth: What Are Your Options?

Have you chipped or broken your tooth in Everett or Redmond, WA? Your initial reaction may be panic, but don’t fret! Eckland Family Dental offers treatment for cracked teeth to get your smile on a healthy track.

Whether tooth grinding or a sports injury is the cause, don’t ignore a chipped or cracked tooth because it will inevitably get worse. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kale Eckland and the team to manage pain and prevent the problem from becoming serious.

Causes of broken teeth

A chipped or cracked tooth is a common dental problem. While your teeth are created to last, they are vulnerable to accidents and other injuries. Cracking your tooth can be as easy as biting or chewing something hard, like candy or ice.

Other causes of broken teeth include:

  • Teeth grinding
  • Sports injuries
  • Falls and slips
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Natural wear and tear
  • Failed dental crowns or fillings
  • Dental procedures like root canals

When you chip or crack a tooth, you notice it as soon as it happens. Many people experience pain and sensitivity almost immediately. Sometimes, the injury may be minor, and the break doesn’t expose the tooth’s inner layers. Although this may not cause pain, you must see a dentist as the chip or crack may worsen over time.

What should I do immediately after cracking my tooth?

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix a cracked tooth at home. However, home remedies may help contain the situation while waiting for help. Immediately after damaging your tooth, rinse your mouth with warm, salty water to prevent infections. An ice pack on the cheeks can help minimize pain and swelling. If any of the tooth pieces become loose, bring them with you to our office.

Whether you have a chipped or broken tooth, you need to see a dentist in all cases—the only thing that changes is the urgency. Minor chips may not require urgent dental care, but significantly damaged teeth may need emergency dentistry to manage pain and prevent further health complications.

How do we treat chipped or cracked teeth?

Not every tooth damage will require a major procedure to fix it. In minor chips, the tooth may simply need to be reshaped to smooth out any rough and uneven edges.

The other treatment options for a chipped or broken tooth include:

  • Dental filling with tooth-colored resin
  • Reattaching the pieces with dental cement
  • Root canal treatment if the tooth is infected
  • Dental crowns for severely damaged teeth

Save your smile. Schedule your restoration appointment today!

Our team understands nothing can quite beat your natural tooth. That's why we'll try everything possible to preserve your damaged tooth. Whether you have a minor chip or your tooth is broken into two, call (425) 448-6339 (Redmond) or (425) 249-3830 (Everett) to schedule an appointment with Eckland Family Dental for restoration.